Use of this technology in our office allows us to increase the comfort of our patients, to improve education and provide a safe and effective treatment. Our office uses equipment and materials which excellently proved it.

DIGITAL X-ray DEVICE Satelec X Mind

digital x-ray Satelec X Mind In recent years, many items have been digitalised, so the x-ray was no exception. Today, digital x-rays which are more advanced than the standard x-rays are available. The advantages are great. Benefits are great.

Firstly, radiation from a digital x-ray is considerably lowered ( up to 90%).

Secondly, a digital x-ray uses sensors which transfer the picture directly to a PC monitor. Such a larger x-ray allows the patients a better and easier understanding, allowing enlargements of separate tooth parts.

Thirdly, a digital x-ray is much faster, appearing on a PC monitor within seconds.

Fourthly, this x-rays can be stored electronically, and it enables you to follow your oral health with time.

Such electronic storage enables the transfer of x-rays, if necessary ( for insurance purposes or as transfer to a dentist abroad).

And lastly, our patients have said that the recording process is more comfortable than the earlier method.

On top of that, this technology is environmentally friendly, because no chemicals are involved in the process.

For all these reasons, our dental practice has Satelec X Mind, which is the leader in production of digital x-ray devices. Some of its capabilities are:

  • higher contrast of picture presented and analysis in the form of a histogram
  • defining the density of bone and tooth tissues
  • an x-ray in 3D form from different angles
  • exceptional sharpness
  • defining the tooth color spectrum and tooth filling color
  • digital odontometry
  • multiple enlargements
  • three-dimensional root canal visual
  • defining the relations between angles of crowns and roots


intraoral camera satelec sopro The Intraoral camera allows us to record the parts of your mouth that are unapproachable. The first benefit is that we can display the image on the monitor in front of you, so we can explain the entire procedure, which needs to be done. At the same time digital x-ray images can be easily sent, if needed, and stored to make up the history of your oral health.


Dr Filip Pavlovic office is fully computerized and offers digitally records. Of course, all data are strictly confidential.


Our treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art patient-education DVD systems. If you are uncertain about a particular procedure, we will be happy to play the DVD video segment for you.


ultrasonic plaque remover satelec P booster An advanced air polishing cleaning technology which uses air/water/sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to gently remove stains and dental plaque while at the same time polishing the teeth.


These instruments utilize ultrasonic vibration to clean and prepare a root canal for filling. Ultrasonic devises are particularly useful to clean the root-end during surgery or to remove a post or other obstruction in the canal. With the use of ultrasonic instruments today, we are able to save teeth that many years ago would have had to be extracted.


MicroDentistry means finding decay as early as possible so that treatment can be done with minimal removal of natural tooth structure. Restorations (fillings) are the smallest possible, esthetically pleasing, and long-lasting.


Even though, the so called “white fillings“ have been available in a dental practice for a long time, new materials with the chameleon effect and a better marginal fit enable a wider range of applications, so as to maintain your beautiful smile. At this moment, in our practice, we use materials 3M, which fulfill standards of the American Dental Association.


air abrasion Air Abrasion is a gentle spray of an air and powder that gently sprays away tooth decay. There is no heat, vibration or sound, like there is from a drill. The procedure is relatively painless, therefore not always requiring an injection. Air abrasion is a very precise technology and usually removes less tooth structure for a filling than a drill would.


thermokauter This device is used to remove gingival enlargements or polypuses which interfere with our work.


Nickel Titanium has the unique features of flexibility and shape memory. The instruments are used to clean and shape the inside of the canal. Previous stainless steel instruments had the tendency to break and could not take a curve to follow the shape of the canal, so it was difficult to clean the canal successfully. Nickel Titanium is 500 times more flexible, so even canals that are sharply curved can be thoroughly cleaned and shaped. Using these instruments routinely, allow us not only to be more effective, but also to work faster and more quietly.


New electric handpieces are virtually silent. This significantly reduces the anxiety of our patients. These handpieces are designed to be used exclusively with nickel titanium rotary instruments.


mechnical expander of root canals Modern endodontics (treatment of root canals) demands a new approach to root canal processing with the help of a machine root canal files. They enable the precise preparation of the root canal up to an ideal limit.The doctors at the dental practice Pavlović use machine root canal files ProTaper. Aiming to achieve the best results, dr Ivan Arsić has the necessary knowledge for the application of this method.


Device for determining the lenght of root canal It is important for the success of root canal therapy to clean and fill to the very end of the root, without extending beyond or being short. The electronic apex locator aids in measuring the length the canal by determining accurate position of the apical constriction through a resistance force.


metod of filling root canal softened GUTTA-PERCHA Gutta-percha is a rubber-like material and it is the only ADA approved material to be used as a permanent filling material for root canals. We soften the gutta percha using the Analytic System B and the Calamus Flow in order to mold the gutta-percha to fit the curve and shape of the canal. It is essential to fill and seal the canals in three dimensions to prevent future micro-leakage, which can allow bacteria to re-infect a tooth.


mixing device Beside the fact, that this device is used for the activation of amalgam (silver) fillings, in modern dentistry, it is used for the activation of glass-ionomer materials. They are used for prosthodontic or conservative restorations.


teeth whitening Finally, we can enable patients of all ages to have white teeth. Dental practice Pavlović, for teeth whitening use materials from the leading American company, Nite White. The reason for choosing this material is that Nite White is the least aggressive and gives the most optimal results. It is a gel which can be used at home, for so called, night whitening. Its application is very easy. At the same time, we can also provide the foils production and in this way we have shortened the actual procedure.


device for mouthguard production This device has various advantages. It produces teeth whitening foils, as well as, mouthguards for athlets, children and patients who suffer from bruxism (grinding of teeth).


autoclave For the sterilization of our instruments this modern device is used. Its advantage is that it sterilizes instruments 4 times faster than an ordinary sterilizer. In that way, it enables us to work more effectively.


ultrasound tub This device allows us to clean our instruments. With the ultrasound vibrations, the cleaning effect is more efficient enabling to work with greater ease.