Our dental practice offers a range of services that ensures the health of your mouth and teeth. If you have any questions about a problem or treatment, or on a specific aspect of our work, please contact us by phone or via e-mail.


If you are not familiar with the terms listed below, please call and arrange an appointment at our dental clinic.

  • Dental disease:
    • sealing
    • FRC conservative repair
    • nerve removal
    • gangrene treatment
    • conservative treatment of the periapical
  • Mouth disease:
    • treatment of all changes in the mouth
    • removal of calculus and polishing teeth
    • treatment of pockets with application of medicine
    • operations for removing pockets
  • Oral surgery:
    • ordinary and surgical teeth extractions
    • root resection
    • implants
  • Children's and preventive dentistry:
    • fissure sealing
    • sealing
    • teeth extractions
    • education about proper washing and maintenance of teeth, oral hygiene
    • fluoridation of teeth
  • Orthopedic jaw and teeth:
    • development and therapy of a mobile device
    • placement and treatment of a fixed
    • development of a monoblock
  • Prosthodontics:
    • production of crowns and bridges
    • development of one root and several
      root repairs
    • production of FRC repairs
    • development of total and partial dentures
    • repairs of total and partial dentures
    • the reconstructive treatment
  • Esthetic dentistry:
    • teeth whitening
    • forming teeth with composite


In order for better health of your mouth and teeth, and also your general health, we offer free examinations and control every six months.