It’s all in the gloves: Developing a dental office protocol for latex reactions

Staci Violante, RDH, offers tips to dental offices on preventing latex allergic reactions.

The right to ask for a raise: A hygienist’s self-review can initiate a pay review

Carly Scala, RDH, recommends that a dental hygienist should conduct a self-review before requesting a pay raise.

2017 raises for part-time vs. full-time dental hygienists: RDH eVillage survey of dental hygiene salaries

Which dental hygienists were more likely to have earned a raise within the last year, those that work full-time or part-time? View the results and find more information about dental hygiene...

DE’s Recall Visit (video) — Narrow-diameter implants with Dr. Adam Koppelman

Drs. Chris Salierno and Adam Koppelman discuss why narrow-diameter implants have a bad reputation among dentists, and how practices can use them properly. Dr. Koppelman shares his tips for...

Back again: Consultants ponder why dental patients won’t return for six-month appointment

Three practice management consultants weigh in on the reasons why dental patients don’t return for their six-month checkup.

Social media reaction among hygienists notes differing reactions when dental patients refuse x-rays

Facebook survey of dental hygienists about patient refusal for x-rays results in differing opinions.

Intraoral cameras and teledentistry in alternative care settings: My unexpected experience with MouthWatch

This hygienist working in alternative care settings never thought she would be able to afford an intraoral camera or teledentistry software. Then one company reached out to talk about how their...

2017 RDH eVillage Annual Salary Survey, part 2: Fewer hygienists believe it’s tough to land a job; survey of dental hygiene salaries

Fewer dental hygienists are reporting that they find securing a job “difficult” than they used to, in this latest installment of the 2017 survey of dental hygienie salaries. But...

Dental implants aren’t for everyone, and yes, I’d like to obturate like an endodontist!

In her editor’s note for Breakthrough Clinical , Dr. Stacey Simmons says she admires the capacity that dental implants have to restore function and esthetics for patients who have lost one...