Experience is on our side, 25 years with you!

Outstanding dentists with years of experience, high-quality staff and the latest technologies that allow all operations we perform to be almost painless are credited for over 1 000 satisfied patients.

See for yourself, we guarantee success! Contact us by phone 381 64 112 88 96 or make an appointment through the online forms.

Services of our dental practice

  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic-konzervativna-stomatologija CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY
  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic_decija-stomatologija CHILDREN DENTISTRY
  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic_oralna-hirurgija ORAL SURGERY
  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic_estetska-stomatologija COSMETIC DENTISTRY
  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic_oralna-medicina ORAL MEDICINE
  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic_paradontologija PARODONTOLOGY
  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic_protetika PROSTHETICS
  • stomatoloska-ordinacija_pavlovic_ortodoncija ORTHODONTICS

Why Us?

25 years of dental expirience Quality and safety are guaranteed by dental practice Dr Pavlovic and two and a half decades of work on most advanced machines and instruments, in the presence of experienced and professional dentist. With you, for 25 years we successfully and painlessly solve all your problems.

new dental technologies In the constant search for new and better, dental practice Dr Pavlovic always provides their patients with the most advanced dental methods using the latest technologies in the treatment and management of your teeth.

satisfied patients The quality and modernity in the work have enabled us to help more than a thousand people. Thousands of satisfied patients can testify about it. Come and see for yourself and make sure in the expertise and service of dental practice Dr Pavlovic.

urgent dental interventions In cases of extreme urgency dental practice Dr Pavlovic with their expert knowledge and modern technologies, provides the best and fastest possible assistance. In emergency situations, we are here for you.

dental android application In step with modern technology, dental practice Dr Pavlovic has enabled you to schedule an inspection, control, create reminders for dental visits and so on and all that through our Android App. Wherever you are, dental practice Dr Pavlovic is with you.

affordable dental prices Many years of experience, modernity, accessibility ….. dental clinic Dr Pavlovic offers you all this and much more at very affordable prices.


Download our app

Our application offers you the possibility to make an appointment in our clinic, on the go, from your mobile phone or smart device . In addition, it allows you to create a reminder about when to visit a dentist, whether it is a regular control or regular intervention. Also, here you can find a map with detailed instructions on how to reach us if you need any intervention or any other questions or concerns. Dental Practice Dr. Pavlovic is at your disposal.

Aplication can be downloaded from GooglePlay or by scanning the QR code with your phone.

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